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Marquesa de Alorna. Querida Leonor | Pato Lógico

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Leonor de Almeida Portugal de Lorena e Lencastre, Marquise of Alorna, was born in Lisbon, in 1750. She survived the earthquake that hit Lisbon in 1755, which destroyed great part of the city, and was forced to live for 18 years in the São Félix Convent, in Chelas, with her mother and sister, as a punishment for the Távora's case. In spite of the tragedies of her childhood and youth, Leonor became an influent patroness of the arts, attending the national and international artistic circuits and organizing the most highly regarded literary meetings, where she was known as Alcipe.

This young woman is thirsty for freedom and after a few months of rest and encounters with relatives and friends, she realizes that the country is not ready for her open spirit and rebellion. But she is a woman, she cannot travel on her own just pure and simple and leave. In the 18th century, there are things women of high social status cannot do unless they are married. So she will do as her time commands.

Great Portuguese Lives is a collection that results from a partnership between Pato Lógico and The Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office (INCM), and it is dedicated to the lives of important Portuguese figures, who stand out in various domains of our History.

Author: Luísa V. de Paiva Bóleo.
Ilustrations: André Carrilho.
Publisher: Pato Lógico.
Language: Portuguese.
Pages: 72 hardcover.
Size: 14,5 x 24 cm.