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Mediterranean Algarve: Tradition, Produce and Cuisine

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Authors: Maria Manuel Valagão, Vasco Célio e Bertílio Gomes.
Publisher: Tinta da China, October 2015
Pages: 311, paperback
Measurements: 28 x 21 x 1,9 cm.

"A land of sun, salt, wine, olive oil, bread and fish, Algarve preserves Mediterranean traditions that we should not only cherish, but also to memorise and recreate with innovation.

For decades, Maria Manuel Valagão collected memories and ancient habits - paying particular attention to the anthropological and social aspects of food, its conservation processes and preparation techniques - and studied their relationship with the history, the landscape and the gastronomy this region.

A single repository of the vast Algarve cultural heritage, "Mediterranean Algarve» also shines with the contributions photographer Vasco Celio and contemporary chef Bertílio Gomes."

Note: this book is also available in a Portuguese edition, entitled "Algarve Mediterrânico: Tradição, Produtos e Cozinhas".

"A complete book, delicious and wise."
Miguel Esteves Cardoso, Público

«Endlessly fascinating, illuminating and useful.»
Kevin Gould, The Guardian