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Melon Branco do Ribatejo | Sementes Vivas

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Portuguese heritage seeds

The land of the Ribatejo floodplains is synonymous with fertility. Around the floodplains of the Tagus it is possible to find Lusitano horses, storks flying low above the waters, workers engaged in agricultural labour and housing clusters that punctuate the green landscape with their whitewash façades. The Ribatejo was the cradle of the white melon, also known as the ‘Branco do Ribatejo’. For centuries, this region was one of the most important horticultural areas in Portugal. The Ribatejo white melon is the most successful variety. The sweetness of the fruit, achieved with the help of the sun, the fertile land and the abundant water of the river Tagus, made this melon famous throughout the country and beyond. If you taste a slice of melon in Lisbon, Porto, the Algarve or elsewhere in Portugal, there is a strong probability that it will have come from a Ribatejo white melon. Let the taste and sweetness of Portugal reach youat home, through these seeds produced specially for you.

The Portuguese white melon, famous for its sweetness and its full flavour, brings to mind fields steeped in sunshine.

Content: 2g
Size: 10 x 15 x 0,3 cm