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Miracle box | Online Exclusive

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15 years after the original, one of the first and most iconic A Vida Portuguesa Giftboxes is back. When it's most needed, the “Miracle” box - an eternal fan favorite - returns for an exclusive and limited online campaign.

"Men believe in gods, but worship images. Devotional pieces, celebratory objects or curious souvenirs evoke Fátima, that Portuguese miracle. As long as faith perseveres!”

A Vida Portuguesa Large Giftbox (limited White version)

- 1 Night glowing Madonna of Fatima
- 1 Painted paper candle wind shade
- 1 Fátima holy water jar
- 1 Religious images decorated fake camera
- 1 Floating lamp wick
- 3 Naïve saints image cards

Measurements: 34 x 24 x 10,5 cm.
Weight: 1100g.