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Nouveau Dictionnaire de Français | Serrote

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The New French Dictionary is finally available!

It was conceived by an expert team of philologists, who worked for several months, using the following procedure:
They picked up an old dictionary and cut it meticulously, separating the images from the text. After ruffling all the papers, they started to bring together all the pairs again, throwing to the trash all the papers that didn't fit anywhere.
With this method, they achieved to reduce an enormous and tedious book to just 56 words.

The result is the 'Nouveau Dictionnaire de Français' , the easiest and fastest way to learn the french language as it is spoken in the streets of Paris.

Author: Nuno Neves.
Publisher: Serrote.
Language: French.
Pages: 64, softcover.
Size: 16,7 x 20,8 x 0,5 cm.
Weight: 164 g.