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O Mundo em que vivi | Livro Afrontamento

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«A inexcedivelmente writing sober and transparent, and through brief episodes, this novel leads us in growing excitement since early childhood in a Jew in Germany, by the end of World War II, until the crisis of (inflation, unemployment, murder of Rathenau, increased influence and victory of the Nazis) that finally forced into exile even on the verge of a tragic fate in a concentration camp ...» «... There's a thrilled symbolic image of all, which is the slow advance of a storm that turns out to be right on top of us. We have seen Jewish public and domestic rituals, a clear alternative attraction between the emigration to the us and Zionism. Is both surprised by correspondence and by differences between the adolescer and the live adult in very diverse cultural, as there are glimpses of life Lutheran, Catholic and religious agnosticism on the fringes of Orthodox Jewish experience. Family figures pertain to clear clipping: the village's grandparents, father, horse trader, desfeitado by anti-Semites and died of cancer, the uncles progressives Franz and Maria, the grandfather Markus, the loving Grandma Esther (Kleine Oma), Paul (the young almost-boyfriend that intimidated by the environment), Kurt (young lover assolapado, worship and firm in his convictions). The action is shredded in a succession of increasingly dramatic and biographical stages we participate afectivamente of a target at the same time very singular and very typical, that could have fit right in. A romance of unique features in Portuguese-reading and emotionally accurate.»- Oscar Lopes

Author: Ilse Losa
Publisher: Afrontamento
Pages: 196 
Measurements: 14,3 x 21 x 1,3 cm.