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Olex Hair Restorer

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Package containing a 240ml bottle of Olex Hair Restorer, the "precious preparation that brings the original colour back to one's hair." Product immortalised by one of the most hilarious TV commercials ever on Portuguese television. This is the more recent, improved version, that also prevents dandruff. A product by Couto's factory, the one that brings us the toothpaste favoured by the Portuguese.

Instructions: Shake well before and during application. Wash your hair and dry it well. Place a small amount onto the palm of your hand and distribute evenly to the hair (not scalp). Comb and wash your hands after application. You may want to dry your hair with the blow dryer. Apply every morning, until you obtain the desired colour. To maintain it, repeat the application two to three times a week.

Measurements: 17 x 5.5 x 5.5 cm.
Weight: 305 gr.