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Olive Oil and Cuttlefish Ink Patê | Sabores de Santa Clara

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Olive oil and cuttlefish patê is a blend of very high quality cold-worked ingredients that make it possible to obtain olive oil in its solid form. 
Perfect to use for breakfast, on bread, on a toast, for a snack or to enrich a special dish. 
It is used like a butter but with all the benefits of the olive oil.
Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil 78%, cocoa butter, cuttlefish ink, 2% (CHOCO ink, corn maltodextrin), sea salt, agar-agar.
Nutritional statement: Nutritional information per 100g: energy value: 836Kcal / 3499Kj, lipids: 92.7g of which saturated 24.3g, carbohydrates: 0.1g of which sugars 0.0g, proteins: 0.2g, salt: 0.56g.
Allergens: May contain traces of peanuts.
Conservation/utilization/how to use: Information not provided by the supplier
Liquid Quantity: 85g
Measurements: 7 x 6 x 6cm
Supplier: Nova Sabores de Santa Clara Av. Francisco Fino, 22 7300-053 Portalegre
Origin or provenance: Portugal
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