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Os Cinemas de Lisboa

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Author: Margaret Acciaiuoli
Editions: Bizâncio
Pages: 384
Measurements: 25 x 17,3 x 2,2 cm.

Synopsis from the Publisher: "There was a time when cinemas proliferated in Lisbon, of the many neighborhood theaters to memorable rooms: as s. Louis, Chiado-Terrasse, Tivoli, Eden and many others. At one time, going to the movies was an act that deserved appropriate attire, elegant, and also a social act-would go to see and be seen. The big cinemas were disappearing from city and, today, go to the cinema in shopping centres, in the range of groceries. The history of this route is made so notable, by the author, on a site where rigor walks alongside the affectionate memories we all have in relation to that particular cinema."