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Portuguesa Spring flowers | Sementes Vivas

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Portuguese heritage seeds

This mixture brings autumn into the soul and gives faces in winter. It consists of beautiful plants, such as turnip, crimson clover, yellow-lupin, serradella, red poppy, persian clover, coriander, marigold and fenugreek. He presents a stunning array of colors to those who deliver his seeds to the ground. The diversity of species is great, in addition to having cut flowers (marigold and red poppy), aromatic (coriander), two varieties of turnip. there are also several legumes (crimson clover, yellow-lupin, serradella, persian clover and fenugreek). The components of this mixture have, in general, some aspects in common, such as the lack of need for irrigation (mixture for autumn-winter sowing) and adaptation to very poor soils, due to their richness in legumes, in addition to allowing the attraction auxiliary insects and pollinators. In terms of cultivation, it requires that the soil is correctly ploughed in terms of depth and absence of weeds, in order to allow a proper germination of this mixture.

Mixture of flowers suitable for cultivation in autumn, and should be sown after the first rains, which will help in germination. Prolonged bloom of red, yellow and white colors. Very attractive for bees.

COMPOSITION: Crimson Clover (Trifolium incarnatum L.): 20.0%; Yellow Lupin (Lupinus luteus L.): 20.0%; Red Poppy (Papaver rhoeas L.): 10.0%; Persian Clover (Trifolium resupinatum L.): 10.0%; Coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.): 10.0%; Calendula (Calendula officinalis L.): 10.0%; Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.): 7.5%; Serradella (Ornithopus sativus L.): 5.0%; Turnip Greleiro Senhora Conceição (Brassica rapa L.): 5.0%; Turnip (Brassica rapa L.): 2.5%

Sowing: Sep - Nov
Blooming: Mar - Jan / May

Content: 20g
Size: 10 x 15 x 0,3 cm