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Pura Limão Medronho Spirit | Zorra Casa de Medronho

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Spirits distilled by the traditional method. The Zorra spirits include the acclaimed Aguardente de Medronho (Arbutus spirit), which we call "Pura". The ‘daughter of fire’ is born in crystal form, as the arbutus berries bubble away in a wood-fed copper vessel. The mothers of all liqueurs are the Pura Mel (honey) and Pura Limão (lemon). Both are sublime on the palate.

Spirit with lemon from the south of Portugal produced by traditional method in a copper still feed by wood.

Bottle of 100 ml.
Alcohol: ±18% Vol.
Size: diam. 5 x 12,5 cm.
Weight: 280 g.

Bottle of 500 ml.
Alcohol: ±18% Vol.
Size: diam. 7,7 x 23 cm.
Weight: 1200 g.

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