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Salt crystals small bag | Marisol

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Flor de sal (the Portuguese equivalent to the French "Fleur de Sel" or the English "Maldon Salt") is a gourmet salt that is 100% natural. Here in a 100gr package that is also vegan and kosher certified. Packed in a charming cotton bag, also available in 250g and 500g. Directly taken from the Atlantic, it brings out the natural taste of food.


Ingredients: 100% Flower of salt (sea salt) harvested by hand.

Nutritional statement: Nutritional information on average per 100g Energy value 0kj/kcal, fat 0g, carbohydrates 0g, sugar 0g, protein 0g, sodium 38g, calcium 0,12g, potassium 0,15g, magnesium 0,41g, ph 8,6

Allergens: Information not provided by the supplier

Conservation/utilization/how to use: Keep in a cool and dry place

Content: 100 g

Measurements: 9,5 x 14 cm

Total weight: 150 g

Supplier: Marisol -Boer & Siebert Lda. Zona Industrial - Lote 55/57 8700-281 Olhão

Origin or provenance: Portugal 

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