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Santa Camarão | Chili com Carne

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José Santa "Camarão" (1902-1963) was one of the greatest boxers in the world and with an overwhelming life story.

Forgotten by time, Xavier Almeida proposes to bring it to memory with a biography based on a notebook written by Santa himself who reports the first part of his life: from his childhood in Ovar to his youth in Lisbon, where it culminates with the beginning of his professional life.

This is the least known part of Santa Camarão, however the most epic. For it is in this period that his character and his melancholic, sad, lonely, lost ... and perhaps most fascinating load are built.

It is worth mentioning the collaboration of Pato Bravo (aka B Fachada, who in turn is aka Bernardo Fachada) in the argument of this comic. A collaboration with Almeida that dates back to the time of Violência Electro-Doméstica.

Author: Xavier de Almeida.
Publisher: Chili com Carne.
Language: Portuguese.
Pages: 96, capa mole.
Size: 16,5 x 23,7 x 0,8 cm.
Weight: 212 g.