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Sardinha | Limão Edições

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Synopsis: "It's one of those things you only eat with your eyes but this even has the merit to pay tribute to the love that the Portuguese have the sardines. Is not a magazine but rather a book of street, where he began to be sold (for being there that the grilled snack has more flavor) but now also is already on our selecta Bookstore. The menu of the sardine is wide and of harvesting to the stove, covering a whole universe that I was ordering to be explored (including the entire science of hot and suggestions for preparation several). A hardcover edition and 64 pages deliciously composed and illustrated by photographer Pedro Loureiro snapshots, one of the mentors of the project which inaugurates the Limão Edições."

Publisher: Limão Edições
Pages: 60
Measurements: 19,5 x 19,5 x 1 cm.