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Set of Beige Sheets | Coelima

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The year was 1922 when it crossed someone’s mind to install a manual loom in Pevidém. With generous doses of labour and cotton, that would turn into one of the largest and most stupendous production plant of its kind in the whole of Europe. Today, from that unsuspected place near Guimarães, home textiles are being sent to a growing number of countries worldwide, with the stamp of Coelima. At the forefront of the innovative techniques aiming at the highest quality, the brand does not neglect the respect for the environment nor its manual heritage. As seen when they called local artisans to create their 90 years commemorative edition, combining on linen the traditional "egg shell" with the romantic Guimarães embroidery. Clearly, a brand that knows how to make the bed it lies in.

Material: 100% Cotton.
Variable measures.
The pillowcases are sold separatedly.