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Strawberry jam | Beirabaga

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“Serramel” (honey hill, in Portuguese) has started with the love for the nectar of the bees. But one sweet thing leads to another, we guess, and faced with the bounty of amazing fruit that grows in the land of central Portugal (the Beiras) it would be a waste not to go into jam production. And that’s what they did, in 2004, under the label “Beirabaga” (baga meaning berry). The only difficult thing is to have to choose between their huge catalogue, from Blueberry or Green Tomato to Chestnut and Apple. And they’re all made combining modern techniques with traditional processes, staying as close as possible to what nature intended.

Ingredients: Strawberry (55%), sugar and lemon juice.
Nutricional statement: Nutritional Statement per 100g of weight: Energy value 1082kj (258kcal), lipids 0g, of which saturated 0g, carbohydrates 66g, of which sugar 64g, protein 1g, salt 0g.
Allergens: Information not provided by the supplier or packaging.
Conservation/utilization/how to use: Information not provided by the supplier or packaging.
Liquid Quantity: 270g
Total Measurements: diam. 7 x 8,5 cm.
Supplier: Euromel, Lda. Penamacor - Portugal.
Origin or provenance: Portugal.

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