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Strawberry tree honey | Zorra Casa de Medronho

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What makes Arbutus Honey such a singular product is its slightly sour finish on the palate, which enlivens the senses. You expect sweetness all the way through, but it delivers a bitter finish; an experience not to be missed.

Ingredients: Bitter honey. Predominance: strawberry tree..

Nutricional information: There is no information on the packaging.

Allergens: There is no information on the packaging.

Conservation/utilization/how to use: Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Quantity: 400g.

Measurements: diam. 8 x 9 cm.

Supplier: Zorra a preto e branco, Lda. CP 4621-442 São Luís, Odemira.

Origin or provenance: Portugal.

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