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Sugar cane syrup cake from Madeira | Ilhopan

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From the island of Madeira comes this delicious cane honey cake, the result of the recipe and traditional know-how.

Ingredients: Madeira sugar cane honey 27.7%, wheat, sugar, lard (pig origin, antioxidants E320, E310, E330), margarine (palm vegetable fat and sunflower vegetable oil), water, 2.5% salt, emulsifier (lecithin, mono and diglycerides of fatty acids), flavorings, acid regulator (citric acid), preservative (potassium sorbate), dye (carotenes), vitamins A and D (contains milk / lactose), raisins (sultanas and oil vegetable (sunflower and rapeseed)), almond, walnut, Madeira wine (contains sulfur dioxide and sulfites), sodium bicarbonate, orange concentrate (sugar, orange juice and pulp from concentrate (2.1%), regulator acidity (citric acid), aroma, stabilizer (pectin), dye (beta-carotene), preservative (sodium benzonate)), cinnamon, ground fennel, cocoa powder, dry yeast, emulsifier (E491), ground nutmeg .

Nutricional statement: Nutritional declaration per 100g: Energy: 443Kcal / 1858Kj, lipids 19.5g of which saturated fatty acids: 6.1g, monounsaturated fatty acids: 7.8g, polyunsaturated fatty acids: 5.6g, carbohydrates: 61.4gg of which sugars: 28.8g, protein: 6.4g, salt: 0.464g.

Allergens: Wheat, margarine, milk / lactose, almonds, walnuts, Madeira vines, sulfur dioxide, sulphites, nutmeg.

Conservation/utilization/how to use: Store in a cool, dry place.

Liquid Quantity: 100g, 250g or 500g

Measurements: approx. 8 cm diam., approx. 13 cm diam. and approx. 18 cm diam.

Supplier: ILHOPAN Parque Ind. da Cancela 9125-042 Caniço

Origin or provenance: Portugal

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