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Sunny Coast Milk Chocolate with Almonds Bar | Regina

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"Sunny Coast" milk chocolate with almonds bar, in a reedition Regina / A Vida Portuguesa faithful to the 1930's original packaging.

Ingredients: Milk chocolate with almonds Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa butter, ALMONDS (18%), MILK powder, cocoa paste, MILK whey powder, CONCENTRATED BUTTER, emulsifier (SOYA lecithin) and aroma (vanilla). Cocoa: at least 31%. Contains MILK AND MILK, ALMOND AND SOYBEAN PRODUCTS. May contain traces of PEANUTS, NUTS AND CEREALS CONTAINING GLUTEN.

Nutricional information: Nutritional declaration per 100g (milk chocolate and almonds): Energy: 564Kcal / 2350Kj, 36g of which saturated: 17g, carbohydrates: 48g of which sugars: 46g, fiber: 4g, protein: 10g, salt: 0.1g.

Allergens: Milk, butter. It may contain traces of peanuts, nuts and cereals that contain gluten.

Conservation/utilization/how to use: Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of sunlight.

Liquid Quantity: 100g

Measurements: 16 x 8 x 1 cm

Supplier: Imperial, S.A. 4480-160 AZURARA

Origin or provenance: Portugal

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