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The Lisbon that could have been | EGEAC

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Catalogue from the exhibition:
The Lisbon that could have been (27 Jan 2017 > 18 Jun 2017)

About the exhibition:
“On 26th January, the Museu de Lisboa presents The Lisbon that could have been, about 200 pieces of urban and architectural projects that did not come to fruition.

The exhibition shows Lisbon as it was designed by architects, urban planners and city thinkers such as Francisco de Holanda, Eugénio dos Santos, J. C. Nicolas Forestier, Ventura Terra, Cristino da Silva, Raul Lino, Cottinelli Telmo, Cassiano Branco, among others.

The cosmopolitan city of the 16th century lacked, for some of the most illustrious residents and visitors, architectural monumentality. Reconstruction, after the 1755 earthquake, gave Baixa a majestic dimension, but the normalization of Pombaline architecture was then, and until very recently, considered gloomy and without greatness. Making Lisbon more monumental, grandiose and the stage for successive novelties in architecture and urbanism was the objective of most of the proposals idealized from the second half of the 19th century.

In the archives of the Lisbon City Council and the Lisbon Museum there are numerous projects commissioned for the city that, for different reasons, were not carried out, or which were not carried out in all its components. In their diversity and extended chronology, they have in common the desire to monumentalize and modernize the capital.

In this exhibition, we will get to know about 200 drawings, models, photographs and urban and architectural projects, from the 16th century to the present, with a greater focus on the 20th century. A selection of graphic and three-dimensional materials focused on the central axis, from Praça do Comércio to Parque Eduardo VII, Martim Moniz, the riverfront, the city gates and the bridges to the “other band” is presented.

In addition to a catalog, the program includes a cycle of conversations around the exhibition.

The Lisbon that Teria Sido contributes to enrich the image that each one has of the city and can, hopefully, help to think of the Lisbon that it will be.”

Authors: António Miranda, Raquel Henriques da Silva.
Publisher: EGEAC
Language: bilingual Portuguese / English
Pages: , softcover.
Size: 28 x 22,5 x 1,5 cm.
Weight: 832 g.