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Tradição e Inovação Alimentar- dos Recursos Silvestres aos Itenerários Turísticos

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Author: Maria Manuel Valagão
Publisher: Colibri/INIAP, 2006
Pages: 269
Measurements: 16 x 23 x 3 cm.

Synopsis of the Editor: "Result of a project of Experimental Development and demonstration that took place in the municipality of Alcácer do Sal, this is a book about innovation of food traditions (...) Were valued the components relating to the local flora, wild Mycological resources, food resources and cultural identity. (...) The products about which developed aspect of testing and demonstration were the sun-dried tomatoes, culinary herbs and wild mushrooms dry. These products nutritional and culinary peculiarities are adapted to the new needs of urban consumers (...) have a high added value, giving them a sense of opportunity for potential business ventures."