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Trocoscópio | Planeta Tangerina

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Synopsis: "Are 142 parts: triangles, rectangles, circles, semi-circles and dots.
In yellow, green, red, blue, pink, Orange, purple.

Whenever you combine or overlap, form new colors and new shapes.
142 pieces, like a game, moving around and position as folheamos pages: look for one side and were there, we looked at each other and moved there.
Happening in parallel and using the same parts, are two stories: a subtract, in another, added; a desconstruímos, on the other, it is time for construction.And what will result from all this? And what's the point of all this?Call it Trocoscópio and, for those who do not understand a lot of technology, we can simplify by saying that it is a kaleidoscope, but of the most advanced: with colored shapes in there, but with (even more) amazing capabilities."

Author: Bernardo Carvalho.
Publisher: Planeta Tangerina.
Language: Portuguese.
Pages: 25, hardcover.
Measurements: 22 x 20 x 1 cm.