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New opening hours at A Vida Portuguesa stores – October 2021

The opening hours are as follows since October 2021 (they may be altered according to changing circumstances; we shall keep you up to date on any changes through this website and social media).

A Vida Portuguesa in Chiado shop is now open!

Our Chiado store is OPEN !!! ⁠ Check out the new opening hours. 

Closure of our Rua Ivens Shop on 7th November

Our newest store in Lisbon—the second one in Chiado—opened in 2016 and focuses on household products: embroideries, crockery, blankets… It is recognised for its personalised, composed and diligent service. Over the last 4 years we turned customers into friends, we established a regular customer base and we became a (even greater) reference in the neighbourhood.

It is with a heavy heart that we announce its closing on November 7—all other stores in Lisbon shall keep on operating without any changes. It was a long and difficult decision—weighed and taken calmly and rationally—to ‘resize’ the business when the entire Portuguese economy is at a critical juncture.

Given the uncertainty of the present time and of the near future we kept our most valuable asset: the people. Furniture and decoration have also been carefully stored awaiting new adventures that will surely come. All the savoir faire we acquired over time and the legacy of this location shall be put to use to improve the other stores in Chiado, Ribeira and Intendente (and naturally also the one in Porto).

A Vida Portuguesa launches the campaign “One for all” to support Portuguese brands and artisans

A Vida Portuguesa has over 400 suppliers, the vast majority of which experiencing the harmful consequences of this crisis: both rare artisans, independent publishers or small companies whose excellency we recognise and larger companies that were finally straightening things out and starting to thrive.

One for all” is a series of campaigns designed for our online store, which once every two weeks shall present two brands with a broad listing of its most special products found exclusively online. These companies are friends of ours, projects we admire with products we love and wish to make known, point out, help.

New temporary opening hours at A Vida Portuguesa stores – May 2020

The opening hours are as follows since May 18 (they may be altered according to changing circumstances; we shall keep you up to date on any changes through this website and social media).

Between May 2017 and January 2018, RTP broadcasted a documentary series comprising 16 episodes and presented by Catarina Portas, the mind behind A Vida Portuguesa. In each of those 25-minute episodes the doors to factories where the best Portuguese products are made would open for the audience to learn about the physical structures, technologies, practices, but above all the people (and families) who are committed to them and who make up their fundamental core.

Gradual reopening of the A Vida Portuguesa stores

Swallows have arrived, jacarandas have blossomed and A Vida Portuguesa reopens its doors.

On May 12 (Tuesday), the stores at Rua Anchieta (Lisbon) and Rua Cândido dos Reis (Porto) will reopen with new opening hours (from 11 am to 5.30 pm* from Monday to Saturday) and reduced capacity so that you may visit us in complete safety.

A Vida Portuguesa Shops temporarily closed due to COVID-19 outbreak

Due to Covid-19 outbreak across Europe, A Vida Portuguesa decided to close all shops both in Lisbon an Oporto from 15th March (Sunday) until further notice.