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A Vida Portuguesa and fado singer Carminho in an unprecedented partnership

Portuguese fado singer Carminho joins our brand to launch exclusive objects called "A Vida Portuguesa de Carminho".

Carminho released her most recent album "Portuguesa" in March 2023. This album was born out of the daily practice of fado. Carminho builds her repertoire inspired by her influences, poets, fado singers, and the history of fado, in a daily and constant exercise of the musical genre. Certain objects are accomplices in this story, they are part of the inspiration, of the research and production process.

One of the objects is the notebook that has always accompanied her and that she bought in an A Vida Portuguesa store when she was still a teenager. In these notebooks, Carminho writes down her inspirations, poems, and ideas, believing that this is the first step towards her realization.

“Emílio Braga's notebooks have always been part of my life. There's always one ahead of me. I feel that they are the ones who make many of my projects and dreams come true. The simple act of writing already impels me to continue. By sharing various ideas with Catarina, we came to the conclusion that we would like to move towards something very special.” (Carminho)

Carminho showed our founder, Catarina Portas, her drawing of the “Portuguesa” notebook for Emílio Braga and Catarina challenged her to think of other objects that spoke about the record and her universe.

This is how the collection “A VIDA PORTUGUESA DE CARMINHO” was born.

The notebook, the pencils with verses from the album, and the handmade clay plates convey the idea of meeting at the table and sharing what Carminho preserves in her memory from her mother's fado house and the "Portuguesa" love medals, a gift that you offer to those you love the most.

“For us, this collection makes perfect sense, because A Vida Portuguesa has nothing to do with nostalgia or saudade, it has to do with identity. And I think that's what Carminho does in fado, she takes a tradition and continues to work on it and innovate it, and deep down she's continuing it. And that is our spirit as well.” Catarina Portas (A Vida Portuguesa)

The collection is available in all our stores.