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A Vida Portuguesa launches the campaign “One for all” to support Portuguese brands and artisans

A Vida Portuguesa is an absolutely ground-breaking project that was born nearly 15 years ago to once again treasure Portuguese products. Throughout this time, we shared adventures, sad times, triumphs and plenty of joyful moments with our partners and suppliers, be they ancient brands, Portuguese producers, or old and new artisans.

That’s why in times of trouble we felt as never before that we are elements on a chain: we know our suppliers well, and we choose the best with our customers in mind. Given that we stand in the middle, we know we have to hold hands harder than ever so that we all continue to be here and in good health.

A Vida Portuguesa has over 400 suppliers, the vast majority of which experiencing the harmful consequences of this crisis: both rare artisans, independent publishers or small companies whose excellency we recognise and larger companies that were finally straightening things out and starting to thrive.

When you make a purchase at A Vida Portuguesa you’re helping those worlds of knowledge and all those lives to carry on.

One for all” is a series of campaigns designed for our online store, which once every two weeks shall present two brands with a broad listing of its most special products found exclusively online. These companies are friends of ours, projects we admire with products we love and wish to make known, point out, help.

In the first edition of the “One for all” campaign we selected both classic and new items from two brands we know all too well: Conserveira de Lisboa and Companhia Portugueza do Chá. We shall start by talking about their story, but down the road the quality of their products will speak for itself.