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Ercília Costa - A santa do Fado | Tradisom

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The new series from the Archives of the FADO contains a disc dedicated to Ercília Costa. More precisely, according to the research, the first FADO for her written, two in Lisbon in 1929, respectively of Alfama and Fado from the Past, and 18 in Madrid, written in 1930. Available information, research done, allows recording a considerable data set, though not always mentioned in a systematic manner. So, for each phonogram, known in the General name by which it was named, ranging from the designation of fado or the title of the poem referred to (Fado Tango in one case, Black Strokes in another); the location and year of recording; the authors of the music and the lyrics; the name of the Publisher; the code of the array of recording and finally the name of interpreters.

Ercília Costa
Arquivos do fado
Audio CD
Recording scanned from 78 rpm discs in the collection of José Moças Moças