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Amália Rodrigues - A Diva do Fado - 1945 a 1952 | Tradisom

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FADO FILES Amalia Rodrigues FADO and the first songs recorded by it, in Brazil and in Portugal. The first sixteen tracks refer to phonograms recorded in Rio de Janeiro by Continental, in August and September 1945 with accompaniments variable training, not always indicated in the most need in original discs: with the Portuguese guitar Orchestra, directed by Fernando Freitas, with only guitar in the flamenco singing green eyes and Los Piconeros, and with piano even though discreet accompanying Fernando Freitas to guitars and Gee to viola in fates Ai Mouraria , Sardinheiras, Maria da Cruz and miss you. The last four tracks refer to two pairs of fates recorded on two recording sessions for the melody already in Lisbon in 1951 and 1952, even before Amalia start recording with Valentim de Carvalho in July 1952.

Amália Rodrigues
Arquivos do Fado
Tradisom Recordings digitalized from the collection of José Moças 78 rpm records.