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Vintage biscuit tin, containing 900 grams of assorted butter cookies.

Not many companies can claim to offer “the best possible produce since 1874” but Paupério Cookie and Biscuit Factory certainly does. From the northern city of Valongo, it has been awarded at home and abroad, from Rio de Janeiro to Philadelphia, for the outstanding quality of their stuff. And that’s why they are not easily impressed with unnecessary modern gadgetry: they would rather keep the artisan-inspired production that has paid off successfully through the century and more. And focus on the deliciousness displayed.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, vegetable margarine (palm fat and refined sunflower oil), eggs, whey, emulsifier (soy lecithin), chemical leaveners (sodium bicarbonate, ammonium carbonate), yeast, salt, glucose, aromas, cocoa powder, beer, wine, cinnamon, antooxidant (E223 - contains sulfites), citric acid.
Nutritional statement: Average nutritional information per 100g Energy value 1760KJ (421 Kcal) Lipids: 9.4g, of which Saturated Fats: 6.4g, Carbohydrates: 77g of which Sugars 34.5g, Fiber: 1.4g, Protein: 6.4g, Salt: 1g.
Allergens: May contain traces of nuts.
Conservation/utilization/how to use: Keep in a cool and dry place
Liquid Quantity: 900g
Measurements: 22 x 22 x 11 cm.
Supplier: Paupério & Cª, Lda. Apartado 3, 4440-697 Valongo

Origin or provenance: Portugal

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