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À Espera do Futuro | NISCHO

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A CD from Beatriz Nunes (voice), Paula Sousa (piano) e André Rosinha (doublebass).

Thanks: Paulo Pimentel, Afonso Pais, Luis Candeias, Leonor Castro, Antena 1, Antena 2 & Nischo.
Record in Lisbon on the 26th and 27th December 2020 by Luís Candeias.

Mixed and mastered: Luís Candeias.
Photography: Vitorino Coragem 
Cover: Leonor Castro
Piano tuner: Paulo Pimentel


- Navegante - Music Paula Sousa | Lyrics Pedro Esteves
- Quantas horas - Music and lyrics Beatriz Nunes
- À espera do futuro - Music Paula Sousa
- Girassol - Music André Rosinha | Lyrics Beatriz Nunes
- Golpe na sorte - Music Paula Sousa | Lyrics Beatriz Nunes
- Olho de pato - Music Beatriz Nunes
- A minha avó tinha uma coisa - Music Paula Sousa
- Primeiros sintomas - Music and lyrics Beatriz Nunes
- Voar sobre telhados - Music André Rosinha

Measurements: 14 x 12,5 x 0,6 cm
Weight: 120 g.