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Antologia da Poesia Erótica e Satírica

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Author: Vários
Publisher Antígona/Frenesi
Pages: 485
Measurements: 13 x 19 x 3,5 cm.

Synopsis from the Publisher: "33 years after the first edition, published by editora Aphrodite, by Fernando Ribeiro de Mello, immediately seized by PIDE, and organizer, Publisher, and many of the poets alive antologiados gone to trial and been convicted, is finally available to the public the anthology of Erotic Satirical and Portuguese poetry, now in a joint edition of publishers Antigone and Frenzy , celebrating 20 years of editing. Without Webs or for, since the medieval poets, the Abbot of Lying, Filinto Elísio, Tolentino, Camões, Antero, Garcia Leal, Caesarion, noble, Person, Sá-Carneiro, Sena, Eugénio de Andrade, Cesariny, Herberto Helder. As David Mourão Ferreira wrote: Don't be afraid of the words and not fear the realities they express, is, above all, avoid the traffic by the psychiatrist's Office. The largest of our poets met, since always, that therapeutically. From now on, the Portuguese readers can also access it."