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Armandinho - O GÉNIO DA GUITARRA - 1926 a 1946

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Arquivos do Fado

Digitized recordings of 78 rpm discs (some of the collection of José Moças). The guitar belongs exclusively to Portuguese culture and their virtuous execution has been has long been one of the most appreciated facets of Lusitanian music. Although it is frequently, and correctly, associated with Fado, is not, however, his exclusive property. The tradition of Coimbra fed many instrumental based on "fantasies" rural folk dances, and both artists of Coimbra, as Lisbon, used flexible variations that seem to have no end, major and minor modes, as a means of displaying his ability for improvisation. The condition of guitarist, almost always male, traditional Portuguese music, is of a certain complexity. He is required to keep the tradition, but at the same time to be innovative; have to breathe new life to old themes; you have to compose and improvise; you have to be able to keep track of a wide range of vocal styles; you have to capture every "nuance" of Fado, but may not be limited to; It has to be more than a competent technician. Above all, you have to give expression to this deep emotion which, in Portuguese, is called "saudade".