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Joana Vasconcelos - Coração Independente

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Director: Joana Cunha Ferreira
Midas Filmes, 2008
Duration: 52 minutes.

Joana Vasconcelos is one of the most recognized Portuguese artists and media of his generation. With a national and international journey amazing for his age, his works are often cited for its kitsch and garish dimension. But they are also a reflection of a trenchant part of this world. Loved by some and hated by others, are as recognized as the artist. Over almost a year, we were filming the life of one of his most iconic pieces, "Dorothy", a giant shoe built from hundreds of cookware lids. The film looks closely at the process of work of the artist and his team, that we see at work in his atelier, but is mainly a portrait of Joana Vasconcelos, your strength, will and dedication to work.