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Joaquim Roque: O Último Gaiteiro Tradicional de Torres Vedras | Tradisom

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Authored by the Portuguese Association for the Study and Promotion of the Bagpipe (Lisbon), written by Francisco Pimenta and Henrique Oliveira and released by Tradisom, “Joaquim Roque: O Último Gaiteiro Tradicional de Torres Vedras” [“Joaquim Roque: The Last Traditional Bagpiper In Torres Vedras”] is a unique book in Portugal. At 72 years old, Joaquim Roque is the last guardian of a lineage of old bagpipers from the Estremadura region. This book features his memories: from learning from the old masters of bagpipe in Estremadura to his longlasting and uninterrupted liaison to the important popular parties of that region and also his frequent presence on Torres Vedras Carnival. He also became well known for being one of the more gifted bagpipers of oral tradition still playing in Portugal.

This carefully illustrated book features a photobiography of this musician, managing to collect unseen pictures of acclaimed researchers such as Michel Giacometti, Ernesto Veiga de Oliveira/Benjamim Pereira and José Alberto Sardinha, now finally revealed. With a preface by the latter of these investigators, the book features an introductory chapter dedicated by the association that authored it to the history of the bagpipes in Portugal, through the publication of unseen and iconic images both their own or specially assigned byt National and Municipal Museusm, Municipal Archives and other entities, as a result of the association’s research.

The book also features a CD with recordings done with Joaquim Roque by the Bagpipe Association and José A. Sardinha, whose phonograms are finally revealed 30 years later. Also featured is a DVD with a documentary about the life and importance of Joaquim Roque as one of the last bagpipers in Estremadura.

71 pages Hard Cover Book, with 1 CD and 1 DVD.

Author: Associação Portuguesa para o estudo e divulgação da gaita-de-foles, Henrique Oliveira e Francisco Pimenta. Preface José Alberto Sardinha.
Editor: Tradisom Produções Culturais Lda.
Language: Portuguese.
Pages: 71.
Size: 20,6 x 28,2 x 1 cm.