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Kit Paeonia Rosa Albardeira seeds and Tote Bag | Sementes Vivas

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Seeds are a reservoir of life and of the knowledge passed down through the generations that have endeavoured to develop them and preserve them.

When a seed disappears, biodiversity and an entire biological and cultural heritage are lost. And it is precisely this wonderful heritage that we want to help recover and bring to life. In cooperation with farmers, civil society, municipalities, universities and other institutions, we have collected local organic seeds, which we have preserved, multiplied and are now returning to the community. This is our contribution to bolster the preservation of unique taste and beauty.

From the Paeoniaceae family, this is a rustic flower with a simple beauty which is commonly used in Portuguese Easter processions; a threatened species cherished by us.

The Paeonia Rosa Albardeira kit contains a 100% organic cotton bag, a flyer with all varieties Seeds with History - Heritage Line and the sachet with seeds of Paeonia Rosa Albardeira.

Size: 16 x 16 x 2cm
Weight: c. 86g