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Life in a Bag: Micro Vegetables x 3

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Life in a Bag: Micro Vegetables x 3. Rocket, Broccoli and Radish" or "Broccoli, Watercress and Beetroot". Please select your option.

It all starts with a minimalist box, in its iron whiteness and cork lid. Only the wrapping gives you a clue of the future ahead, with the photo of the micro vegetables that can grow in your own kitchen, preferably near to a window with lots of natural light.

A great way to start your own home-garden and show to the kids the journey from the pot to the plate. The maintenance couldn't be easier: add the seeds from the pack to the box earth and follow the instructions included. "After planting, water daily and pick after 10 to 15 days, as the first leaves appear (3 to 5 cm high). The package is re-usable and the seeds are enough for several usages." Start digging and growing!

Measurements: 33 x 11 x 5 cm.
Weight: 900 gr.