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Lisbon Architectural Guide-1948-2013

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Author: Various
Publisher: A+A
Pages: 374
Measurements: 14,5 x 19 x 2,50 cm
Portuguese and English Edition

Synopsis of the Editor: "This guide includes examples spread over all the variety in the universe and typological temporarily over the following periods: the modern movement in Lisbon (1948-1960); the city of the end of the Estado Novo and the 25 April (mid-60 until the late 70); democratic stability and postmodernism (1980 to the mid-90); transition and opening for the 21st century. XXI (mid-90 's and the first decade of the 21st century. XXI).

All of the examples chosen are presented with a fact sheet, a critical text, photographs and drawings in extension as its complexity, characteristics or históriacrítica importance. The Guide also has texts of presentation and justification, guidelines for use, references, indexes and maps."