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Nas Bocas do Mundo

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Author: Joaquim Vieira / Reto Monico
Publisher: Tinta da China
Pages: 343
Measurements: 17 x 23,5 x 3 cm.

Synopsis by the Editor:
"Over a period of 19 months, between April 25, 1974 and November 25, 1975, Portugal occupied front pages of newspapers, magazines and radio and television newscasts openings all over the world, with an intensity that never before had occurred in its history. The world watched, haunted and excited or critical, to the dramatic unwinding of so-called PREC (ongoing Revolutionary Process). The country was x-rayed in thousands of headlines, news articles, reviews, editorials, photographs and cartoons. Through consultation of publications in twenty countries, this book reproduces hundreds of images and seeks to reconstitute the various forms and perspectives through which the international press looked and accompanied the Portuguese political process of tumultuous birthplace of our current democratic regime."