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O livro dos quintais | Livro Planeta Tangerina

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Synopsis: " Don't be alarmed the more superstitious, I opened the book of Backyards, we ran into a black cat, those kind of bums that occasionally get in the way. The cat is called Thief (only at the end of the book we see why) and lives of backyard in backyard, choosing the owner and the shade that suits you best, according to the time of year and your feline wishes.As the Prowler, in this book we get into House. Make it by the parallel stories and crusades that take place outside, on the verge of lemon and nespereiras, vegetable gardens and out, tanks or mini-piscinas, following the lives of eight backyards and their occupants over the twelve months of the year. As for the Thief, it's not always easy to find him because, as everyone knows, the yards are small worlds where there is no shortage of hiding places."

Author: Isabel Minhós Martins e Bernardo Carvalho.
Publisher: Planeta Tangerina.
Language: Portuguese.
Pages: 24, hardcover.
Size: 22 x 20 x 1 cm.