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Olive oil | Caixeiro

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"The low temperature/cold transformation process is just one part of a whole process that contributes to the aroma and quality of the final product, the way we cultivate and care for trees and the environment, the fertilizers and products we use, the harvesting and finally the careful mixing of the different olive varieties give our extra virgin olive oil a distinctive scent and aroma of a clear golden color.All these cares are part of a familiar “recipe” that comes from generations, the true taste of Trás -os-Montes."

Ingredients: olives.

Nutritional Information: Nutrition declaration per 100ml: Energy value 3421 kJ/821 kcal, lipids 91.2 g, of which: saturated fatty acids 13.2 g, carbohydrates 0g, of which: sugars 0g, proteins 0g, salt 0g,

Allergens: No information on packaging.

Storage/use/intended use: Keep away from light and heat.

Liquid quantity: 500ml.

Measurements: diam 8 x 20 cm.

Supplier: Soresa Vilela Cardoso e Morais lda, Rua do Prado, nº1 5445-052 Santa Maria de Emeres

Origin or provenance: Portugal.

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