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Roasted Chestnut Liquor | Botica

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"Sabores Santa Clara is known for picking nature’s freshest, most luscious bounties to then apply its customary delicious treatment and produce a bottled version. Bravo apple, roast chestnut, Marvão bitter cherry liqueur, pennyroyal and even quince jam are used to make artisan liqueurs under the brand Botica (the ancestor of the modern-day chemist’s). You simply add a “premium wine spirit, rich in first-class alcohols, that just lifts up the liqueur’s true body.”

Ingredients: brandy, sugar, roasted Chestnut (“clarinhas” variety).

Alcohol content: 16%.

Content: 50ml/160g.
Size: 4,5 x 4,5 x 10 cm.

Content: 200ml/450g.
Size: 7 x 7 x 13 cm.

Content: 700ml/1600g.
Size:10 x 10 x 21 cm.

Best by: unlimited.

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