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Send me letters | NO FRAME

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“Send me letters” is a photographic record of the beauty found on the doors of houses still displaying letterboxes embossed with the word “CARTAS”, awakening in us reminiscences of a time gone by – when feelings were conveyed on paper. Of a time when each word had its own particular meaning and written letters were valuable simply by existing. Since they connected names, these letters were true instruments of communication, and of a unique and personalised nature.These days, people don’t write letters very often and letters with promises of eternal love are even rarer, yet letterboxes remain in their place, waiting for their purpose to be fulfilled.

Raul Reis, 45, is founder and creative director of BeNext - Design & Advertising, founder and editor of NO FRAME - Publishing . He has a degree in Graphic Design. In the early years of his career he worked in communication design and illustration until he reached the advertising industry where, for several years, he was Art Director working for national and international clients. Nowadays alongside the creative direction of the agency, he takes up the little time he has left exploring photography and illustration projects.

Author: Raul Reis.
Editor: NO FRAME, creative publishing. 2017.
Language: Bilingual Portuguese / English.
Pages: 154, hard cover.
Size: 17 x 23,7 x 1,8 cm.