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Christmas Catalog 2023


Gourmet set 3

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This set consists of products with an environmental conscience in their production.

- "Petiscada" codfish with organic olive oil | Saboreal
- Organic olive oil with herbs “Mediterranean Herbs” | Olival da Risca
- Cordovil Olives | Tojeira
- Olive wood mini spoon | Alentejo Azul
- Olive tray in olive wood | Alentejo Azul

Weight: 550g.
Measurements: variable

"Petiscada" codfish with organic olive oil | Saboreal
Ingredients: Cod (60%), Extra Virgin Olive Oil (22%), Onion, Chickpeas* (*Products from organic farming) Certiplanet - PT - BIO - 04
Nutritional statement: Nutritional information per 100g: Energy Value: 1018Kj ​​/ 245Kcal, Lipids: 18.9g, of which saturated fatty acids: 2.9g, Carbohydrates: 2.4g, of which sugars: <0.7g, Proteins: 15.2g, Salt: 0, 8g, Fiber 2.4g
Allergens: Information not provided by the supplier.
Conservation/utilization/how to use: Information not provided by the supplier.
Liquid Quantity: 100g.
Measurements: 4,5 x 7 x 6,5 cm.
Supplier: Conserveira do Arade, Lda. Zona Industrial do Pateiro, Lote 8, 8400-651 Parchal, Lagoa, Portugal.
Origin or provenance: Portugal.

Organic olive oil with herbs “Mediterranean Herbs” | Olival da Risca
Ingredients: olives, herbs (2%).
Nutricional information: Nutritional declaration per 100ml: Energy value 3367 kJ (819 kcal), fat 91 g, of which: saturates 15.7 g, carbohydrate 0g, of which: sugars 0g, protein 0g, salt 0g, vitamin E 20 mg.
Allergens: There is no information on the packaging.
Conservation/utilization/how to use: Keep in a cool place and protect from light.
Liquid Quantity: 100ml.
Measurements: diam 4,3 x 15,3 cm.
Supplier: Risca Grande, lda. 7830-304 Serpa, Portugal.
Origin or provenance: Portugal.

Cordovil Olives | Tojeira
Ingredients: cordovll olives, water, salt, orange, bay leaf and oregano.
Nutritional Information: Nutrition statement per 100g: Energy: 238Kcal/995Kj, lipids 23.1g of which saturated: 5.1g, carbohydrates: 3.3g of which sugars: <0.2g, protein: 1.3g, fiber: 5.9g, salt: 4.3g. Conservation/use/instructions for use: Keep in the fridge after opening
Liquid quantity: 200g
Dimensions: 8 x 9 cm
Supplier: Luis Coutinho Herdade da Tapada da Tojeira 6030-006 Vila Velha Rodão
Origin or provenance: Portugal

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