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The First Global Village

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Author: Matin Page
Publisher: Casa das Letras
Pages: 276
Measurements: 10,5 x 23 x 2 cm
English Edition

Synopsis of the Editor: "In 1807, at the height of the Napoleonic wars, the Prince Regent Dom João took a remarkable decision. Although horrified by the idea of a sea voyage, opted to transfer the whole Court and the Government to the largest colony of Portugal, Brazil.With French troops to tighten their siege of Lisbon, a total of 10,000 aristocrats, Ministers, priests, and servants, climb aboard the fragile vessels of the Portuguese fleet. After a difficult journey under British escort, transatlantic landed filthy, full of lice and ragged, much to the surprise of the subjects of the new world.The transfer of the Court and the Portuguese Government for the Brazil gave incício a unique period of imperial rule from the tropics, which lasted thirteen years. Rio de Janeiro soon be benefited with a new Opera, a lush Garden Botâncio and a Royal Palace-a Versailles-like Tropical esplêndico background mountains covered with lush greenery. But this metropolitan facade only partly obscured the brutal activity that it was the largest slave port in the Americas".