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Um dia, um guarda-chuva... | Planeta Tangerina

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Synopsis: "The fate of many umbrellas are lost the owner. Fortunately, the feeling of abandonment is always "low sun", because the lost umbrellas quickly find new owners (desperate and almost always soggy ...), which quickly returned them the utility.The umbrella of this book happened something like: was forgotten on a bus and was passing from hand to hand, discovering new owners and new functions.In one day, served to scare away thieves, entered a number of circus, was transformed into a boat and even got into a movie ... which proves that an umbrella can be used for much more than just protecting heads in days of storm.In the end, after many vicissitudes, the umbrella (lost?) ends the day where you least expect it."

Author: Davide Coli and Valerio Vidali.
Publisher: Planeta Tangerina.
Language: Portugueses.
Pages: 28 pages, hardcover.
Measurements: 20 x 22,7 x 1 cm.