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De Loulé: Diálogos entre Artesãos e Designers

De Loulé: Diálogos entre Artesãos e Designers

Activities week May 22 - 25 at DEPOZITO

As part of Lisbon Design Week, DEPOZITO hosts the exhibition "De Loulé: Diálogos entre Artesãos e Designers", from May 22nd to June 8th.

The inaugural week  - days 22, 24 and 25th of May - features a program of activities of free participation. Visit us!


Loulé is a territory that is home to a vibrant creative community. A growing number of active artisans and designers are settling there due to the amazing work of Loulé Criativo, a project by Loulé City Council, which has created conditions for the growth, rejuvenation and development of local creation and production. Since 2017, 7 traditional arts workshops have been created, a Design Lab where new projects are born and a large network of collaborations and synergies.

One of the key moments of this movement was a residency in 2016 in which 3 designers born in Loulé and working in other parts of the world, returned to their origins, together with a group of artisans, to reflect on the future of traditional arts, seeking to respond cultural, social, economic and environmental issues. After 7 years, the experience is repeated with the aim of launching the collection commercially, repositioning local production and establishing the identity of this territory.

The inaugural week, from May 22 to 25, is marked by a series of free events at DEPOZITO (Rua Nova do Desterro nº21 - Lisboa).

The exhibition runs until June 8.



22.05 (Wednesday)


GUIDED TOUR - Meeting with the Designers


24.05 (Friday)


LIVE WORK - Meeting with Artisans


6pm - 8pm



25.05 (Saturday)

5:30pm - 7pm

ROUND TABLE - Dialogues between Design and Crafts: Future Perspectives


Designers: Henrique Ralheta . Hugo da Silva . Vanessa Domingues

Artisans: Analide Carmo. Cremilde de Sousa . Fernando Martins . Isidoro Ramos . Jorge Dória . Júlia Laurência . Jurgen Cramer . Margarida Cortez . Maria José Ramos . Nuno Palma . Odete Dias . Olimpia Cabrita . Pedro Piedade . Ricardo Lopes . Sónia Mendez . Wesley Sacardi