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Making the most of it

 Talking about Tomaz products means talking about the grandparents. Take "Maximini", or "Francis". Maximina was the grandmother of Eliana Tomaz, the designer behind this brand, which was launched in 2015. "She was a strong, defiant woman, but she could also be extremely sweet." The granddaughter wanted the bag named after her to also be all that. A true "all-purpose bag: you can take it shopping, use it to carry a laptop or a designer's portfolio..." It is sturdy (hence the double canvas) and elegant, thus addressing one of Eliana's major concerns in her work: "I reject the idea that something environmentally conscious and very functional must also be ugly." It is also important to her that every individual can derive from her creations "whatever they can get", for any kind of use, in any way they see fit (the straps are adjustable). It's about making the most of it: the bag can be used in many ways, and materials wastage is kept to a minimum.

And why "Francis" for the burel bag with leather adjustable straps? That has to do with Francisco, Eliana's grandfather. She wanted a his n' hers line, so she adjusted it to "Francis". EveryTomaz product - now for sale at A Vida Portuguesa shops - is handmade and employs Portuguese materials. Burel, a 100% wool material, is one of those, and it is also used to make pillows, in three exclusive colours, for A Vida Portuguesa.