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Fleur de Sel | Belamandil

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Fleur de Sel is the name given to the first salt crystals that form and remain on the surface of the pieces/crystallisers, where it is collected daily. A manual operation is performed where only a very thin film of salt crystals that form on the surface of the salt water is removed. Therefore, it is characterized by presenting a very fragile physical structure, and should be used in the finishing of dishes, bringing them a unique and refined touch. The fleur de sal is rich in minerals which gives it an advantage over industrially processed salt and which enhances, in an incomparable way, the “bouquet” of flavors in the food.

Ingredients: Fleur de Sel
Nutritional Information: Nutritional statement per 100g: Energy: 0 Kcal / 0Kj, lipids 0g of which saturated: 0g, carbohydrates: 0g of which sugars: 0g, fiber: 0g, protein: 0g, salt: 95g.
Conservation / use / instructions for use: Keep in a cool, dry place.
Liquid quantity: 125g
Measurements: 7 x 8 cm
Supplier: Necton Companhia Portuguesa de Culturas Marinhas SA, Belamandil, 8700-152 Olhão
Origin or provenance: Portugal

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