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A Vida Portuguesa / Sarah Affonso


During July, August and September of 2019, we will disclose the artist's works (from illustration to painting, embroidery or ceramics), tell some of her personal stories that intersect with the history of Portugal in the 20th century and reveal the details of the passionate research that lead us to the objects that we created from this enormous inspiration. In Portuguese Life, the summer of 2019 is the summer of Sarah Affonso, our inspiring muse.


Reap what you sow

Perfect for Spring, and why not in preparation of Summer? This way you won't be missing any of the warm weather essentials: oxheart tomatoes, say, or Ribatejo white melon. “Sementes com História” (“seeds with a history”), with or without the tote bag and crop calendar kit, have arrived in A Vida Portuguesa stores. Biological and biodynamic, “a treasury of the life and knowledge of generations upon generations who strove to preserve and enhance them.”

Bed linens and towels

In the new Porto store you continue to find our whole article range – from stationary to crockery, from perfumes to toys – but you can also expect something else, a big arrival at the textile department: bed linens and towels by three prestigious brands, BOVI, Coelima and Sampedro. 

They fly off the shelves, not the walls

So that's settled! To prevent our ceramic swallows from falling off the walls, we devised a cork stand. Lots of customers asked us how to hold them steady in a particular position, or complained about them falling down. Thus the solution for this problem was greeted with real enthusiasm.  Specifically developed for the Bordalo Pinheiro swallows, the stands are available in four sizes: Small, Medium, Big and Largest. An A Vida Portuguesa exclusive.

One of the best shops in the world

What great, great joy! The Shopkeepers website asked users from all over the world to pick the best shops of 2018. A Vida Portuguesa was among the top vote-getters. It is proudly in the Lifestyle Shops category, in some fine company

Cabby coin purse

Money went from “escudos” to euros, but the coin purse where so many Portuguese like to keep their change remains. It is especially popular among cabdrivers, from whom it got its name. This purse resists the passage of trends and electronic payments. Handcrafted from natural skin, a A Vida Portuguesa product.

New year, new store

In 2019, we will move to a new location in Porto. We will be leaving the Rua Galeria de Paris, but not the Clérigos area. The new A Vida Portuguesa will be located at number 36 Rua Cândido dos Reis, and it is already receiving its first customers, in a pop-up version that will be open until the end of the year. That's the second piece of news we have for you: this Christmas, Porto will have not one but two A Vida Portuguesa stores for your shopping convenience.

Gift guide

What do we all want? To feel special. Let's start there, then. This Christmas, let's offer special gifts: original, genuine, surprising, good for all ages. A Vida Portuguesa helps you choose. Waste no more time!



If you offer tasteful gifts, you should be able to envelop them in special wrapping paper. Paper such as this, with drawings by artist Bela Silva, inspired by traditional clay dolls, antique Portuguese jewellery and traditional "chita" cloth patterns. We will gift you this A Vida Portuguesa product every time you shop at our online store. 
Valid through December 16th.


Making the most of it

Every Tomaz product is handmade and employs Portuguese materials. One of those is burel, a cloth made from 100% wool. And they all have names that weren't picked at random.

Salting at the table

Salting is not just something you do on the pot while cooking food or preparing to serve it. At the table you can enhance flavour with a pinch of the delicate, exquisite "fleur de sel". Salt may even be added on the plate, according to one's preferences or palate. This delicate ash wood salt shaker is devised to serve Fleur de Sel at the table. The spoon doubles as a lid. The product was developed by Kathi Stertzig and Álbio Nascimento's The Home Project; they are the designers who, in 2015, created A Vida Portuguesa's Design Bureau.