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That's life

Salting at the table

Salting is not just something you do on the pot while cooking food or preparing to serve it. At the table you can enhance flavour with a pinch of the delicate, exquisite "fleur de sel". Salt may even be added on the plate, according to one's preferences or palate. This delicate ash wood salt shaker is devised to serve Fleur de Sel at the table. The spoon doubles as a lid. The product was developed by Kathi Stertzig and Álbio Nascimento's The Home Project; they are the designers who, in 2015, created A Vida Portuguesa's Design Bureau.

Now ISTO is a permanent collection

“Goodbye, old world. Here is a new way to look at fashion." Summer, Winter? Who cares? Here you will find neither "trends" nor seasons. This is clothes for men, but also for women. In a word, this is ISTO.

From Segura and agriculture

It smells really, really good here. It smells like rockrose, rosemary, lemon grass, cypress, eucalyptus, woods... It is easier to just say it smells like Aromas do Valado. 

Take it everywhere!

A fine innovation for the 2018 Summer: the A Vida Portuguesa tote bag is already in stores and ready to be used. Practical and resilient (the strap is made of wick), it can hang from the shoulder or be handheld. It carries everything, it can be carried everywhere. Take it everywhere!


Ach. Brito 100-year celebration

Sailing for La Paz

Smells like Summer already at A Vida Portuguesa's Intendente location. Our store is the exclusive Lisbon retailer for the La Paz maritime-inpired clothes.

Handcrafted and painted by hand

The Sant'Anna Ceramics and Tiles factory is the last great ceramics producer still operating in Lisbon. Its pieces are now for sale at A Vida Portuguesa stores at Largo do Intendente, 23 and Rua Ivens, 2, in Lisbon.


May 1st

On May 1st (Labour Day) A Vida Portuguesa stores will be closed, except for our shop at Mercado da Ribeira, in Lisbon, which will be open on the regular schedule (10am-11pm).

Closed due to street work

On April 29th (Sunday) our store at Rua Ivens, in Lisbon, will be excepcionally closed, due to street work. All other A Vida Portuguesa shops ( will be open on regular schedules. Thank you for understanding. Kindly excuse us for any trouble.

125th birthday

To celebrate its 125th birthday, Fábrica António released replicas of its distinctive original cookie tins, which are now for sale at A Vida Portuguesa stores.

A tea among the clouds

It's never too late to have a "tea among the clouds" at our Porto store (Rua de Cândido dos Reis, 36) and gaze upon a wonderful poster by Raul de Caldevilla, Portugal's first advertising man. Catarina Portas once published a column about it in the pages of "Público" newspaper.

An award for our Porto shop window

A Vida Portuguesa got a medal in the new year already. One of our Porto shop windows was picked as one of the city's best in Christmas 2017.